Hurricane Safety Tips

Hurricane Safety Tips

Important Safety Tips for After the Storm

As we continue to pick up the pieces left behind by Hurricane Ian, please be aware that your vehicle might pose serious safety concerns. At Parks CDJF Space Coast, we know that the road to recovery is difficult, but there are steps that can be taken to prevent further problems from making your situation any worse. Please read these tips before revving your engine - and be sure to tell your friends and neighbors about them as well.

  • Do NOT start a car that has been flooded. Starting a flooded engine could cause further damage, and can be dangerous.
  • If any water has gotten inside the fuel tank, the tank will need to be completely emptied before refilling.
  • There could also be water damage to electronic components of your car. Be careful when turning on the radio or testing other electronic components, and be aware that any water damage to them can surface at a later date.
  • Check for a waterline inside the vehicle. If the water didn’t make it above the bottom of the doors, your vehicle may be unharmed!

If you're looking to purchase a new vehicle in the aftermath of a storm, be wary of the condition the vehicles you're considering are in since both new and used cars might have been damaged. Be sure to request a vehicle history report and a full inspection.

A Word From Our Dealership

We empathize with every individual and family that has been affected by the recent disaster that has impacted our beautiful state. The healing and recovery process is just beginning for many, and we know the effects of this event will not soon be forgotten. It is important to recognize that our community is one of unity and service, so take comfort in knowing that the rebuilding process is imminent. It is in times of struggle and despair that we realize our community is more than just a place where you live, but a family that you never realized you had. Parks CDJF Space Coast is available for any vehicle needs that may have arisen due to this natural disaster. Our service department is equipped to help with all of your diagnostic and repair needs, allowing you some peace of mind while on the road to recovery. We offer free inspections so that you can easily receive feedback on the condition of your car without having to bring your wallet in. There is an abundant inventory on our lot that can accommodate you and your family, plus we have superior financing offers to help you, no matter your financial situation. There are brighter times ahead for our community, and recovery is drawing near with each passing day. We're here to help the Titusville area persevere and become victorious in light of disheartenment.

Orange County Shelter Information

There are several resources available to you if you, or someone you know, is in need of shelter. You can visit or to learn more.

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